TtV Studio Pro 

Explore the Analog World “Through the Viewfinder” 

Shoot and edit old-fashioned photo

Non-Destructive Photo Effects Editing


Do you know TtV? TtV is “Through the Viewfinder”

The idea is that you shoot through the viewfinder of an old camera using your modern digital or film camera and create an interesting framing effect.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, does the iPhone really need yet another effects-driven photography app? Well, when it’s one with a such a unique feature as TtV offers, you’ll probably agree with me when I say, “heck yes!”

TTV photography (TtV) is shooting “through the viewfinder” of an old camera, often a single lens reflex (SLR) or twin lens reflex (TLR), using using another camera to create interesting framing effects. TTV images have the signature black edges from the viewfinder. They often have composition gridlines. Sometimes, they pick up anomalies from the prism. And color is not accurate, often washing out just a little bit for a slightly surreal cool hue and saturation. It’s a pretty cool effect and a few apps recreate this on the iPhone very well.

This is the only app which can perform TtV special effects editing in App Store. If you need a particular photography app, don’t miss it.


– Shoot photo or Select photo and then to apply TtV effects instantly

– Over 30+ famous old Camera’s viewfinders

– Real-time adjustment for Brightness, Contrast and Opacity by 1% tuning step

– Sepia, Blue and B&W toning On/Off

– Full Resolution photo output support and automatically saved to Photo Album

– Powerful local Photo Library management

– Non-Destructive Photo Effects Editing, you can edit current photo again

– Share photo with Email, or Social Network like Facebook and Twitter


– Kodak Duaflex

– Argus 75

– Brownie

– Kinaflex

– Anscoflex

– Kodak Reflex

– Royce Reflex

– Bronica SQAi

– Tower Reflex

– Minolta7000

– Super Ricohflex

– Rolleiflex

– And more…


If you have any requests or suggestions, please send Email to, thanks.


2 Responses to “TtV Photo Studio”

  1. September 3, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Hey, I wanted to let you know I bought this app to replace the old TtV app. this is a really great app, the controls are great and thanks for fixing the camera crash. I plan to blog about you app in a few weeks. If your interested in giving me Promo codes for you app please let me know. This is my e-mail

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