If you like square vintage photo, don’t miss this app – Instacam! 

Instacam means “Take retro photo instantly”. It is designed for creating square vintage photos and share through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

With live video preview, your favorite “moment” will never be gone when shooting photos, you can see how a photo with live effects will look like before you decide to shoot.

You can also import photos from photo album and apply any live effects by tapping the effects icons. 

By using OpenGL ES 2.0, all live effects can be switched fast and smooth. No delay and No lag.

Your beautiful square vintage photos will be saved to camera roll with up to 2048X2048 pixels, and small size photos will be saved to local Library for sharing with fixed size of 612X612.

Instacam can also support “Tap to Focus”, Switch front/back facing Camera, Turn On/Off/Auto flashlight.


– Shoot photo or Select photo and then to apply effects with live filters preview

– Over 10+ vintage and retro live effects like LOMO, Old Camera, Color Splash, Vintage, Film, Noir, Sepia…

– Real-time switch between any effects without delay 

– Special Bonus with 4 TtV Live Effects 

– Full Resolution photo output support and automatically saved to Camera Roll 

– Powerful local Photo Library management

– Share photo with Email, or Social Network like Facebook and Twitter

– Fully support importing photo to other apps like Instagram

– And much more features…


2 Responses to “Instacam”

  1. October 16, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Instacam doesn’t work correctly on my iPhone 4 since the upgrade to iOS 5 (the overlays are not loaded correctly, so the most effects are broken). Any time for an update ?

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